Backup Your Existence, Forever...

Store your memories on 1DataCapsule till the end of time

The Mission

To store and transmit crowdsourced backups of our existence on multiple locations beyond planet earth.

The Hope

To back up and spread the message of our existence in the event of a calamity in the future.

People Powered

To carry out the mission through an effort that is built and funded by the power of the crowd.

Your Data Your Help

You are invited to send your digital data, and to help us plan and build the mission through a crowdsourced effort.


Help Build Our Only Hope.

You can help build the only hope humankind has to preserve and spread a message about its collective experience on Earth.

Our mission is to digitally preserve and spread the information created by humanity, out into the galaxy and beyond.

The hope is that our message from earth will be found by one or more intelligent alien species and saved forever in a galactic museum, no matter what fate befalls upon our planet.

You can help the mission in any of the following ways…

  • sign up and reserve your space to upload your digital files
  • help spread the word about the mission
  • help build the 1Data Capsule by joining our forum

The entire mission, including the construction and launch of 1Data Capsule, will be crowdsourced by a global team.


This may be the only backup of our existence.

You can think of the mission as creating and seeding the only safe digital backups of the Earth. We are planning to follow the popular 3-2-1 data backup rule, which basically says that we should have three different backups of anything we care about.

And so, we’re planning to have these 3 backup modules in line with our mission goal…

Module 1 : A physical data capsule stored on Mars – that will be sent on board a SpaceX or Blue Origin mission.

Module 2 : An interstellar radio transmission of the data stored on Mars sent into space from the surface of Mars.

Module 3 : A space craft much alike Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, storing and carrying the data on board.

Each of these will be built separately and collaboratively at their own planned schedules. Module 1 and Module 3 may also store a physical copy of the data in bitplain format and perhaps DNA footprints of millions of species and humans. We may even send physical pictures etched in gold or glass and protected to last 10,000 years. It’s really too early to predict what additional forms the mission takes.

This mission may very well be our only hope to be remembered, to safely store the memories of our family, our friends, our creations, and everything on earth and beyond, forever…


Sign up Today and Help Crowdfund the Mission.

You can upload your digital data to be sent on the mission. All we ask in return is a small contribution that will help crowdfund the mission and propel it towards reality.

For a limited time the first 10,000 people to sign up, can reserve 100 MB of digital data for Free.

We will announce and open contributions of our crowdfunding initiative very shortly…

  • Funding at each level will allow you to store increasing amounts of data that is directly proportionate to the contribution amount.
  • Our team of mission volunteers on the forums will need to figure out the exact cost of storing and sending digital data on appropriate media – which will be calculated based on appropriate SpaceX or Blue Origin mission payload costs.
  • Once we have hard numbers, we will open up the site for funding the mission at various levels starting as low as $1. 

Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding – will be key driving factors to help make the mission a reality. We need both people and money for the mission to succeed… the Force is with us already 🙂


Calling All Enthusiasts. We Need Your Help!

The entire mission is people powered and is a global initiative, calling enthusiasts from around the world. This may well be humankind’s greatest technological challenge.

Anyone can join the mission to help build the mission.

We need dreamers, engineers, mathematicians, sci-fi buffs, community moderators, rocket scientists, researchers, PR people, webmasters and  many other roles, that are discussed on the forum.

And, of course since this mission is 100% crowdsourced and democratic in nature – we’ll vote to shortlist significant ideas and things related to the mission. 

It’s really up to the collective community of thinkers, engineers, designers, futurists, artists and sci-fi fans to band together and come up with the best proposed ideas for the mission and the construction of 1Data Capsule.


Sending Digital Data of a maximum of 100 MB is Absolutely Free for now.

As part of the initial seed group of about 10,000 people, we’re letting you send 100 MB of digital data on 1Data Capsule for free. 

In return, all we ask is that you click the social share button inside your  dashboard, to help spread awareness about the mission. 

Your friends will thank you for it, and you’ll look super cool. Go ahead and… click!