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Backup Your Existence Forever on Mars and Beyond.

Mumbai, India – 11th April 2017. Today, a new initiative by the name of 1Data Capsule, plans to backup and transmit crowdsourced data of our existence on multiple locations beyond planet earth, starting initially on planet Mars.

Anyone and everyone will be able to upload and store their digital life and data forever, through the 1Data Capsule Mission.

The mission serves as the only safe “collective” backup of the human experience – in the unfortunate event that the earth were to be obliterated by any one of multitude of possible unavoidable catastrophes in the future.

Humanity has only lived on the Earth for a couple million years. We’ve only recorded our thoughts for a few thousand, and we’ve only had the capability to digitize our thoughts for the last fifty years.

Wouldn’t it be a great tragedy if the Earth were destroyed before we colonized other planets or before we made first contact? If the knowledge of who we are is lost?

The mission of 1Data Capsule, is to ensure that a “comprehensive digital backup of humanity” is created by the people of earth and transmitted (seeded) beyond earth, before any such calamity takes place.

Our message may one day be found and deciphered by our galactic neighbours and perhaps stored in digital museums across the universe, as a scientific way to preserve events that took place on our “pale blue dot”.

The digital backup would also serve as our message to the Universe from our home on Earth.

Anyone may participate and send their data as part of the crowdsourced digital backup from all of humanity.

Back in the 1970’s NASA launched the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 space crafts. They are now zipping beyond our solar system. But, the message aboard them is analog and limited in content. Moreover, there was a small committee that decided the content of the message and it was a closed group of scientists that built the space crafts.

Like the spacecraft Voyager1 and Voyager2 before it, 1Data Capsule will carry a message and data from humanity.

However, this time around it will be a collective and more encompassing message from all of humanity – that will primarily serve as a backup of our existence – should “doomsday arrive for humanity”, before we become an inter-planetary species and we are unable to avoid any existential catastrophe.

Potential global catastrophic risks include but are not limited to hostile artificial intelligence, nanotechnology weapons, climate change, nuclear warfare, total war, pandemics or even an impact event such as an earth-asteroid collision on a scale that wiped out the dinosaurs and millions of species in the past, and one that may re-occur on the same magnitudes – before we develop the scientific means to overcome it and the avoid global extinction that awaits us.

The 1DataCapsule mission is about creating and seeding safe digital backups of the Earth, were such events to occur.

The mission plans to follow the popular 3-2-1 data backup rule, which basically says that we should have three different backups of anything we care about.

The following modules are planned –

Module 1 : A physical data capsule stored on Mars – that will be sent on board a SpaceX or Blue Origin mission.

Module 2 : An interstellar radio transmission of the data stored on Mars sent into space from the surface of Mars.

Module 3 : A space craft much alike Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, storing and carrying the data on board.

Each of these will be built separately and collaboratively at their own planned schedules. Module 1 and Module 3 may also store a physical copy of the data in bitplain format and perhaps DNA footprints of millions of species and humans. There are even plans to send physical pictures etched in gold or glass and protected to last 10,000 years. It’s really too early to predict what additional forms the mission takes.

The beauty about 1Data Capsule is that everything about the mission will be open, and it will be 100% crowdsourced.

This includes the message and data stored on the mission modules, the effort to build the mission, and the funding for the mission itself.

“We’re always backing up our data on devices and servers on Earth. But, who is backing up or ‘saving’ humanity’s existence in case of obliteration due to some random or uncontrollable event?” asks Vishal Lamba, the originator of the idea and who was later joined by his close online buddy genius who goes by the pseudonym “Cap’n Cirk” (but chooses to be anonymous at this point of time).

1Data Capsule was conceived initially by Vishal Lamba who lives in India, and his friend Cap’n Cirk, who lives around Area 51 in the USA. Cirk is a mathematician, programmer, engineer, physicist, philosopher, musician and a ham radio enthusiast and possesses a slew of other talents, that would make even the great Da Vinci proud.

Vishal and Cirk are both humbled by Carl Sagan’s mission to send a message from humanity into the cosmos through the Voyager spacecraft.

However, they would like to back up our existence, by saving and seeding multiple copies of data from humanity – starting with sending a data capsule to Mars.

The technology itself to create such an idea and launch it into space already exists today – but the prohibitive cost to send (digital data as) payload into space, made the 1Data Capsule vision completely out-of-reach from the financial angle.

This is something that Vishal struggled to solve for over 3 years while working on his other online tech ventures.

However, everything changed in late September 2016, when in a keynote speech – Elon Musk revealed his grand interplanetary colonization plans, starting with Mars, that will be driven and powered by SpaceX.

In his speech, Musk discussed how SpaceX will scale down the cost of sending anything to space (including Humans) by a factor of 100x using SpaceX’s re-usable rocket technology – that would certainly usher in a new era in space travel.

This is when Vishal instinctively sensed it was their calling.

Up until now, Vishal and Cirk struggled with the financial feasibility of their crowdfunding model – primarily because, the cost to send each megabyte of data on physical storage devices, beyond earth and into space was prohibitively too high – making the whole mission financially impractical. It would be beyond the reach of most people to send digital data that was a significant and comprehensive backup of their collective experience and existence.

Secondly, the duo struggled (and argued) over the complexities of launching and navigating a probe in deep space very much like NASA’s Voyager1 and 2, but that was a bit more sophisticated and that carried the “earth’s backup”.

But, the answer to their two biggest problems literally came knocking twice in quick succession in Musk’s single speech, that day.

“I quickly dropped everything and mailed Cirk the link to Elon’s video speech.”

Vishal needed Cirk to validate the double-jackpot from some of the implications of the statements that came out of Muskland – literally giving new life to their dream project.

As Cirk watched the video he validated the double-jackpot within a few minutes. He affirmed that their vision was now realistically possible from both the financial and technological point of view.

“It was a surreal moment” exclaimed Vishal “Here I was listening to Elon Musk, as he shared his vision, that went on to give our vision a chance to become real. It’s ironical that our visions are connected in some way. While Elon is trying to ‘save humanity’ by making it an interplanetary species before a doomsday event, we’re trying to ‘save the experience of humanity’ before a doomsday event. We’re also going to be piggybacking on SpaceX rocket technology to help us get our data onto Mars and beyond.”

SpaceX’s reusable rocket technology has made the associated costs for sending payload into space and beyond, extremely low. The potential cost to now send a megabyte into space has fallen by over a factor of 100x – making sending large amounts of digital data affordable to a much larger percentage of humanity.

Vishal and Cirk also quickly realized that they had found a new home in space for (Module 1 and 2) of 1Data Capsule to be stationed on. 1Data Capsule could now magically piggy back on SpaceX secondary payload to its initial destination home on Mars.

The capsule will be pre-loaded with data from millions of humans, the people of Earth – voices, pictures, the written word: all can be digitized and sent by means of radio.

A collective community of thinkers, engineers, designers, futurists, artists and sci-fi fans will band together on the mission forums and come up with the best proposed ideas for the mission and the construction of 1Data Capsule.

Since this mission is 100% crowdsourced and democratic in nature – there will be a vote to shortlist significant ideas and things related to the mission. A “core mission team” that has the final word will be formed online.

The financial backing to help build the 1Data Capsule mission at a global scale will come from the “power of the crowd” itself. The duo plans to setup a non-profit initiative shortly, and activate their crowdfunding project – only after an initial core committee is formed.  This is because they yet need to determine and calculate the tentative mission costs – before opening up the crowdfunding initiative and associated data packages that will be offered at various price slabs.

However, as a mission announcement offer – currently, anyone may reserve 100MB of data for free. Once signed up, you may optionally support the mission and help it get off the ground – by buying the mission crew team some “tang and tea”.

At some point in the near future, and once the global collaborative team at 1Data Capsule calculates the cost to store and transmit each byte of data, the site will announce and offer data packages starting from as low as $1. There are also plans to include a basic free package, as the team at 1Data Capsule understands that not everyone may be able pay or afford one dollar.

“We do not want to wall-off anyone from participating in the mission, based on their financial position in life. Everyone will be able to participate and be part of this altruistic mission” Vishal concludes, “I’d consider the mission to be 100% successful only if, anyone and everyone can store and send their precious memories and digital data forever into the cosmos.”


About the 1Data Capsule Mission

The 1Data Capsule Mission is an altruistic initiative to help save and seed a collective and comprehensive digital copy of the experience of humankind – beyond earth.

It is currently operated by Forever E1 Solutions Private Limited. The company plans to setup a non-profit foundation that will wholly own and operate the 1Data Capsule mission, in the near future.

The mission is currently in its ideation stage and currently there is no product that has been built or that is ready – other than the online channels and platforms for people to sign up to reserve their “data storage space” and a forum to assist a global community of mission enthusiasts to come together to help build 1Data Capsule from the ground up.

Currently, anyone can sign up and reserve their storage space to upload and send their digital data, through the website. As a special launch offer, the first 10,000 people who sign up can reserve 100 MB of storage space for free.

Contact Person:

Vishal Lamba,

Chief Space Datanaut

1Data Capsule – Backup & Share Your Existence Beyond Earth, Forever.

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