We Are You!

This mission is about you.

Your involvement with a global community to move the mission forward and help build 1Data Capsule.

It’s really up to the collective community of thinkers, engineers, designers, futurists, artists and sci-fi fans to band together and come up with the best proposed ideas for the mission and the construction of the backup modules.

The mission is 100% crowdsourced and democratic in nature

We’ll vote to shortlist significant ideas and things related to the mission. And, in the end, we will have a “core mission team” that has the final word.

We have taken our first small baby step by opening up the idea… lets take the next giant leap for humankind, by building 1Data Capsule, together.

Our online forum community is a place for interested people to come together to help build the mission. The mission needs people with ideas, suggestions and talented skills. Are you one of them?

Get involved and help build the mission!

Seeds of the Idea

The idea of 1Data Capsule is inspired by Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, conceived by the brilliant cosmologist Carl Sagan. These unmanned space crafts have now escaped the gravity of our Sun and are moving outwards beyond our Solar System into the unknown.

However, Voyagers 1 and 2 had very limited amounts of data stored on board and the data that was stored on board and sent as a message from humankind, was selected by a few people having who were close to the mission back then. The message itself was very limited in nature and was not intended to be a backup of our existence.

1Data Capsule’s message will be selected not by a small group of people, but by humanity itself.

Anyone can send and digitally backup any message they choose. We will allow anyone to send everything and anything, within the parameters of good taste, as defined by the core mission team.

  • Fact, fiction, Language, science, religion, math, music, movies, books… everything.
  • Any and all knowledge as we Humans have collected and recorded.
  • Perhaps Wikipedia will be presented in the earlier segments, with true clickable links that help them navigate and demonstrate how we as humans navigate information and collaborate.
  • Perhaps a mini version of the Internet and Google and the most visited websites on the Internet?

This is merely a concept we are putting forth to the global community of scientists.

The site currently consists of a seed overview of the vision which will be modified and improved with suggestions on a global scale by a crowdsourced human collaboration. Every human is invited to contribute and work with us and others in the community who are interested in making the idea come alive.

Once the mission gains momentum, a global audience (interested people, volunteers and pledges), a core committee would be formed for construction and execution of the mission. 

The hardware and feasibility for constructing the 1Data Capsule has yet to be scientifically planned, and these are open to variations in order to achieve the mission core goals. 

1Data Capsule is a massive collective global effort. 

And, we’re starting with you.

My God, its full of stars!

Humanity has only lived on the Earth for a couple million years. We’ve only recorded our thoughts for a few thousand, and we’ve only had the capability to digitize our thoughts for the last fifty years.

Wouldn’t it be a great tragedy if the Earth were destroyed before we colonized other planets or before we made first contact?

If all the knowledge of who we are is lost?

This mission may turn out to be the only remaining evidence of our existence in the event that we are destroyed by any one of the hundreds of eventualities. And, if you are curious about this, doomsday could happen due to many reasons, including…

  • We may self-destruct by destroying ourselves and everything on Earth in a nuclear holocaust.
  • We may become extinct as a result of an unavoidable calamity, like a massive asteroid collision.
  • Perhaps an all powerful AI or machine gets out of control and takes over?
  • Or even, although more far-fetched (and sci-fi like)… it is possible that a fierce aggressive alien species finds Earth and harvests us and its resources for its survival.

The core mission of 1Data Capsule is to send data to be found and deciphered by our galactic neighbors and stored in digital museums across the universe, as a way to preserve events on our “pale blue dot”.

This is not fantasy…

This is not a figment of imagination any more.

This is you. Your digital life. Your personal message into the cosmos. Saved forever in the Universe.

This is life insurance for the human race.

Come Join Our Mission…

Vishal Lamba, Chief Space Datanaut